Monday, December 31, 2007

Argentina Day Five (Happy New Year!)

A parade starts off the day.

Everyone goes shopping for leather at Silvia y Mario, whom we later find out are Lubavichers.

The crowded Florida Street promenade.

The Galleria Pacifica mall.

Tango dancers on Florida Street.

Open 25 hours... or maybe a few less?

Reading some of his own news.

New Years Eve dinner at La Catedra.

Emilia translates the menu for us and negotiates salad without mayo and veggie options for Sam.  We are all very pleased and appreciative of our family interpreter.

Bill toasts to Grandma and the New Year.

Grandma toasts to her family and a good trip.

Ken makes sure that Paul's toast is documented in photographs.

Ken toasts Grandma.

Marcia toasts Grandma and proclaims that the grandchildren have decided that Billy is the favorite, not her.

Brian toasts Grandma and thanks everyone for welcoming Jen into the family.

Brian sits on Ashley's lap.

Grandma rings in the New Year.

Ashley showing some New Years cheer.

Emily letting loose with silly string on Sam's camera.

The daughter and daughter's in-law.

Ken, Jen, and Hayley thank the chef for a great meal.

Ken and Marla hit the dance floor.

Paul gets sprayed with foam from above.

Grandma boogies down!

Hayley and Lindsey get a little goofy.

Sam takes a self-portrait with Ken.

Ken decides to dance with the children at the restaurant and toss them into the air.

Grandma shakes a leg with Hayley and Paul.

Emily gets her groove on.

Aaron takes Grandma for a spin!

Sam and Lindsey to their impression of the "Orlando Dance".

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Argentina Day Four

The memorial for the Israeli Embassy that was bombed in 1992, at the original site of the building.

Walking amongst the trees planted in memory of those who were lost.

Off to the flea market in San Telmo.

A church just at the beginning of the market.

The crowded market.

We were early, so people were still setting up, despite the fact that it was already totally packed.

Lots of antique cameras for sale.

We saw these nifty colored pencils all over.

Musicians and tango dancers entertained the crowd.

One of the tango dancers takes a break.

These are called "maté."  They are special gourds that you drink Yerba Maté out of, which is a local infusion (like a tea) with your friends.  Everyone shares the same straw and passes the gourd around clockwise.

After the flea market, we made our way to the Pampas, passing the soccer stadium on the way.

On the bus, Erica made us some maté to share.

When we arrived at the Estancia in the Papmas, the Gauchos were already busy preparing lunch for the 700 tourists that were there.

We got to ride on their horses.

Ashley riding tall.

Aaron looking confident as always.

A Gaucho leaps onto his horse with more grace than we did.

Another keeps a watchful eye over the crowd.

Paul rides through the dust like Lawrence of Arabia.

Lots of riders today...

Ken looks like a pro as always.

Everyone sits down for lunch and a performance by traditional dancers.

More tango.

And Emily takes a turn on stage.

One of the dancers doing a traditional Gaucho dance with boleadoras.

Then we were off to the cemetery at Recoletta.  The entire place was filled with neat looking moseleums.

A cat sleeps near Eva Peron's grave.

Everyone packed into pay respects to Evita.

Evita's moseleum.

A musician plays the banjo outside of the cemetery.

One of Judy's cousins, Sarita, comes to visit Judy, Bill, and the girls.

Emily translates for them, as usual.

A sunset over the city before dinner.

Sam and Lindsey get a little strange.

Florida Street market at night, searching for an open ice cream place (we didn't find one).