Saturday, June 27, 2009

Radiation Oncology at Stony Brook University Medical Center

Friday had a quick shoot at the Radiation Oncology department at the Stony Brook University Medical Center as part of a series of shoots for some brochures that they're working on.

This time was extra fun, because for the past 3-4 times that I've shot in this location, I didn't know that the machine that they use had lasers on it that they use to calibrate the setup, so I decided to photograph one of the physicists and therapists calibrate the device, which was pretty cool.



Brush your teeth! - Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine

One of my summer projects this year is to build a new image library for the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook University.

Of course, I'm always keen on day long crazy shoots where we run into a room, set up shoot, and break down all in a matter of minutes. While exhausting, it's my favorite sport. Spending the day at the dental school was no exception. The faculty and staff were exceptionally gracious with their time and cooperation, but I really have to give an extra special thank you to all of the patients who agreed to be photographed. Honestly, if I was getting a root canal and someone walked in with a camera, I'd probably be less than cooperative, so for all of those patients who played along - thank you ever so much!

The shoot was also fun for me, because I got to put some of the new tricks that I learned at the Joe McNally workshop into action (although, I confess that many of the shots were taken with available light).

Enjoy, and don't forget to floss!


Spiffy new machine that CAT-scans your head.

Tooth fairies flutter about in the pediatric dentistry bays.

Fancy new haptic force-feedback surgical training device.

A day in Dobbs Ferry with Joe McNally, zen master guru of light and shadow

Last week I had the great pleasure of trekking out to Dobbs Ferry early early in the morning to spend a full day at a workshop with master photographer and all around great guy, Joe McNally. After reading both of his books practically cover to cover, I felt I had no choice but to sign up for the real thing when the workshop was announced. Sure, I had been to one of his seminars at Adorama, but that was in a room packed with people and mostly a slideshow with a little bit of a demo at the end, and this was the real deal. Eight hours of all of his toys and hands on experience. It was really cool to see a big name pro problem-solve and come up with ideas on the spot. It made me feel much more confident in that I don't feel that my preconceived notion that others can set up their lights and have someone step in and have everything look spectacular from the first frame without any tweaking whatsoever is at all reality. Everyone fusses and perfects and has to take some time to wrangle everything into place, even a master, and that fussing and tweaking is what leads us to new discoveries and creative possibilities.


Joe photographing the strikingly similar hairdos of Syl Arena from the pixsylated blog and Shauna, one of the models.

Joe explains it all to us in mime.

Break out session where we broke into groups of three (thanks Dave and Rob!) and we put our poor model Nathalia in a creepy elevator.

Joe's buddy Kent Miller poses oh-so patriotically.

Joe's assistants work real hard. When he says jump, they jump. Over and over again.

Mr. America

"and now I'm going to scorch all of your retinas!"

Folks from Adorama and Bogen chatting behind the scenes.

Joe needs more power!

Jeff Snyder from Adorama perched up above.

Kent gets to jump some more...