Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Look Back At 2009

100 Favorites from 2009

2009 has sure been a busy year. This is the first time that I've actually sat down and pulled together my favorites from an entire year's worth of work, and it was much harder than I had originally anticipated. Partially because it is always difficult to cull your own work, but also because so much happened in 2009 that it was hard to really believe that all of it fit in 365 days.

This past year has marked a lot of transitions. While I still have made it back to Chicago several times this year, business has been picking up in New York to the point where I have lost my A-List status on Southwest, because I simply haven't been flying 2-3 times a month. I've had a lot of fun chasing around my friends' new children and watching them learn new tricks right before my eyes, like rolling over and eating solid (well, mushy) food. Stony Brook University has been come one of my biggest clients, and I've had a fantastic time exploring it's world and documenting it's former presidents, Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny hand over the reigns to Dr. Sam Stanley. That poor guy suffered through my following him around incessantly for over 33 hours during his inauguration week. At Stony Brook I've also had the privilege of photographing some very interesting folks, including Governor Paterson, Ted Koppel, Andrew Heyward, Vivian Schiller, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Dee Snider, and Alan Alda. I also met some very brave and amazing young people at the pediatric oncology ward. While definitely no comparison, I learned on several shoots for the dental school and the hospital that with a camera in hand, I'm much more brave than I had originally thought and happily brought my camera into ORs and root canals.

2009 also reconnected me with photographing performances, theatrical and concerts. Since I moved to NY, I have done very little of it, so I felt rather refreshed and energized after a grueling yet inspirational week leading a team of dedicated students and parents at FOCUS on the Arts back in my hometown, Highland Park. I also had the pleasure of capturing some performances during President Stanley's inauguration as well as a visit by the Nankai University Choir from China. Another highlight was photographing the Long Island Philharmonic's 30th Anniversary concert.

Weddings and other family events this year have also been a joy, especially traveling to Colorado to photograph the third wedding for one of my favorite families, and then to Pittsburgh to capture some very special moments for the wedding of the daughter of one of my closest photographer friends, Michael Robinson. And I learned that he could really rock out to some Keb' Mo'.

Other travels this year have included Charlotte for another spectacular OFN conference, Boston, Austin, Arizona, Washington DC, Dublin, and England. I've also been taking time out to discover more of New York City. While I now live nearby, I still feel like a tourist discovering it for the first time. And although I'm finally getting somewhat of a handle on getting around, my internal compass still gets all goofed up when I come up from the subway and I inevitably walk a block or two in the wrong direction before realizing that I'm going the wrong way.

This year has been spectacular, and I'm looking forward to next year's adventures!

Thanks to all of my clients, I've had a great time working with you all and look forward to more creative collaborations in 2010.

To my family, friends, and my wonderful loving and supporting wife, the great Professor Doctor Lindsey, PhD, I am forever grateful.

Until next year, take care, bye4now.