Monday, August 11, 2008

Touring NYC and Brooklyn

I realize that I haven't been such a good blogger lately.  I've been working on some projects for Stony Brook (that I'll post when they're done), and I've had relatives visiting for two weekends in a row.  While that took up a lot of time, it did mean that I got to wander around NYC and Brooklyn and catch some nifty snapshots.

Spiffy graffiti on the Lower East Side.

A fish market in Chinatown.

Worker guarding the entrance to Ground Zero.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

Another worker at Ground Zero.

Waiting for the subway.

Some humorous stickers on a traffic signal.

Some musical ambiance in a subway station.

The Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Bridge, with a waterfall, from DUMBO in Brooklyn.

The Jamaica train station in Queens.

And my attempt at paying homage to Robert Frank's elevator operator, but on the LIRR.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!