Thursday, April 23, 2009

SUNY China150 and Stony Brook University honor Madame Liu

Last November, I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph a ceremony at Stony Brook featuring students involved in the China150 program with Ambassador Peng.

The event was truly one of those instances where you can see the best of humanity reaching out and making a difference for the better.

A couple of weeks ago, Stony Brook had Madame Liu over as a guest.  She is the highest ranking woman in Chinese politics, and was instrumental in making the China150 program go from a dream to a reality in only a few short weeks.  At Stony Brook, she helped officially open their new Confucius Institute, meet with dignitaries and students, as well as being presented with an honorary degree.

I also got to chat with some of the students who came over from China and studied in New York as part of the China150 program.  As they're now nearing the end of their stay, it was very interesting to hear their stories.

Madame Liu arrives

Madame Liu shakes hands with Ed Cox, President Nixon's son-in-law.

Mr. Cox points out photos from Nixon's trip to China.

Stony Brook's Confucius Institute is officially opened.

Delegates from the SUNY System and China sign documents commemorating the China150 program.

Madame Liu, Stony Brook President Kenny, and Philanthropist Charles Wang have some tea before the degree ceremony.

Charles Wang smiles during his remarks.

A Chinese delegate adjusts his tassle.

Madame Liu receives her diploma.

Delegates from the SUNY System, the State of New York, and China sit on stage together.

Madame Liu addresses the audience.

Madame Liu receives flowers and hugs from grateful China150 students.

China150 students perform on stage.

...and join Madame Liu in a group portrait.

...and an informal chat.

President Kenny and Madame Liu toast to the success of the China150 program.

Chinese media were present to report on the proceedings.

VIPs dine up on their dais, with translators tirelessly relaying their conversations.  Those guys worked harder than anyone during this event!

China150 students (including my new buddy, Mu, on the right) mug for the camera over dinner.

Charles Wang and Madame Liu chat about future ideas.

Yummy looking dessert that I wish I had a chance to try...

The China150 students bid Madame Liu farewell.

Family Portrait Repeat!

As always, it's great to have a client call again, both for the business aspect, and mostly because I like to see my clients year after year.

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