Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trisha and Tim Got Married!

The other day, my buddy Mike and I had the pleasure of photographing Trisha and Tim's wedding. This was a fantastic event, because Trisha and Tim are a fantastic couple, we had a beautiful venue to work with (The Swan Club), and this was my first wedding actually on Long Island since moving here a little over a year ago! Also, Trisha is Joe's (from my previous post about our excursions in Greenport) sister, so it was fun to meet the rest of his family. Joe used to work with OFN, a longtime client of mine, and now he's moved back to Long Island to work for Brookhaven National Lab.

Here are a few special moments from Trisha and Tim's big day!

Congrats guys!


Oops! The pastor dropped the rings!

Trisha and Tim making their grand exit from the church.

A little moment before the Rolls had to roll... pardon the pun.

And we were off to the gardens at the Swan Club, which afforded many awesome backdrops.

And flower beds for me to kneel down in to get some cool vignetting colors while the happy couple is comfy across the way.

A quick autumnal portrait for the season.

Their first dance was all smiles.

A colorful cake awaits...

Trisha's dress had some fancy lacing up to do! It took a little longer than anticipated, but was totally worth it!

And that pretty cake made it's way onto Tim's forehead. Thankfully, he's got a great sense of humor.

The ladies showed Tim how to high kick with style!